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Who is the Ash in It’s a PAshion?

Ashley Sondon, also known as Ash, is the creator and writer behind this Miami-based blog. Being from one of the sunniest and most influential places in the USA, Ash was exposed to fashion and different lifestyles at a young age. Ashley is a student at Florida International University where she plans to double major in communications and business. She began It’s a PAshion in February of 2014 as a way to share the latest trends and styles since everyone was always asking her where she shops and how she puts together her outfits. Little did she know, what began as a simple fashion blog, expanded during the creating of her blog. She realized that not only did she want to share her fashion knowledge, but also expand on her different pAshions. It’s a PAshion is more than just a fashion, it includes various lifestyle posts, where to eat, traveling national // international, beauty both inside and out,  & a personal twist called Candidly Ashley where she basically says anything and everything on her mind.

Ashley thanks her family for her inspiration and motivation to be a writer. Coming from a large family of Cuban, American, and Armenian descent, she appreciates being a worldly individual and expanding her horizons. Whether she is jumping on a plane, tasting the latest dish, or rocking a new outfit, Ashley is always sharing the newest with her readers. Keep up by subscribing to It’s a PAshion here.


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